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All you need to succeed in reselling.


We make it simple.

Worldwide Support

Sneaker Pings supports not only the US, but a multitude of other countries, including the majority of the European Union.

Rapid Monitors

Our Zephyr monitors are the fastest available, allowing for maximum possibility for success. (Shopify, SNKRS, Off-White, Art, Funko and more!)


Early Info

Our early info is sourced from exclusive places, that other groups have no access to. This allows our users to profit the most from secret drops and more.

SMS Notifications

Sometimes Discord notifications aren’t exactly a priority on your phone. We realize this, and have added SMS notifications to our services.

Free/Discounted Slots

Leave it to us to cop the most important items that provide the most profit. Our experts are armed with the best bots on the market.


Business Ventures

SneakerPings doesn’t just focus on sneakers and clothing, but various other forms of income including Bot Flipping, Art, Funko, Sports Betting, Random Flips, and more!

Bot Resources

Members have knowledge of exclusive Bot Flips that can reap profits in the thousands. We also provide info on the most lowkey Bot Restocks with guides, monitors and more! Bot setups for your favorite bots and more are also included.


In-House Tools

Don’t have a bot? Every SneakerPings member is equipped with SneakerPings ATC and our AIO Tool. These tools allow members to secure bot restocks, sneaker drops, and more!


In-Store Info

Members are notified of exclusive in-store restocks, releases and more! Our in-store mod supports Chicago, Connecticut, NJ, NY and the New England Area! Never miss at your local store again.


Our monitors are powered by the best provider in the game, Zephyr. Our monitors are the fastest in the game as well as the easiest to navigate. They offer Quick Tasks to any bot that you have so you never miss a restock. We filter keywords so you won’t ever have to worry about being on your phone all day looking at monitors. We are always innovating and expanding our site list when it comes to our monitors potential so our members can reap the profits. Fast. Reliable. Profit.

Our Community

When you join SneakerPings you are not just joining a cook group, but a family. Our staff is always there if you need help, whether it be resell-related or personal issues. We have your back. Our members are always welcoming new members and making them feel at home. Join the family today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my membership?

Your membership will automatically renew every month.

How do I cancel my membership?

Contact a staff member and we will take care of it. You will still have the rest of your billing period before you are removed from the Discord.

When do you restock?

We will always announce a restock a day in advance on our Twitter and Instagram.

What makes SneakerPings different from other groups?

Our staff has 3+ years of sneaker reselling experience and we are always innovating and giving our members opportunities to profit. On top of all this we are one of the cheapest groups on the market so you can worry more about copping and less about a high membership fee.

How does SneakerPings help me?

We provide the best resources and information so you can profit.

Do I need a bot?

Bots aren’t required to profit but will definitely help.


SneakerPings User:

 “10/10 group. Staff is always willing to provide help with anything at any time. Definitely some of the nicest people ever.”


SneakerPings User:

“Great info, quick info, active staff. People are friendly and the group is an affordable price. Expect big things when the group gets bigger.”


SneakerPings User:

“Only costs 15$ but looks like it should be 40$. Quick monitors, great staff, great giveaways, and more. Overall, a great cook group.”

Contact Us

Got questions? We would love to answer them. Feel free to contact us via DM – @SneakerPings on Twitter and we we will get back to you as soon as possible.